[X4U] Rip It Up - iTunes Import Settings Survey

Matt Gregory vdub.grego at gmail.com
Fri May 6 06:29:34 PDT 2005

I currently have all my songs ripped at 256 AAC. I performed the test where 
I ripped the same song at different rates and in different formats, then 
played them all through headphones, chose the best one, and then I bumped up 
the bitrate for good measure and because I had the space.

But I recently acquired a 250G hard drive and I am currently re-ripping 
everything to FLAC. I'm going to use those FLAC files as an archive and 
convert them to MP3 and reload my iPod with those. 


On 5/6/05, FC Farwell <frankfarwell at mac.com> wrote:
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> wrote:
> > Neil <Lists at mac.com>
> >
> >> ... Still curious what people on this list are using...
> >
> > AAC in iTunes at 128. I'm more curious about people's encoding speed.
> > I
> > used to get 9x on my old G4 under Mac o/s 9. I just ripped a bunch of
> > CD's
> > last week and only got 1x.
> If im importing mp3 i use NMP3 ripper I get up to a little above 10X
> IIRC lame is a better encoder for mp3 and is slower then AAC. Using
> iTunes AAC 224 setting I achieve up to 18x toward the end of a rip that
> starts about 12x. This is on a Dual G4 MDD. CD drives can be a
> limiting factor too. My Apple branded Phillips CD-RW drive rips faster
> then my Pioneer DVR 105 drive.
> FC Farwell
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