[X4U] Rip It Up - iTunes Import Settings Survey

Kirk McElhearn kirklists at wanadoo.fr
Fri May 13 00:54:12 PDT 2005

On May 13, 2005, at 9:31 AM, Xavier Noria wrote:

>> Did you do a blind listening test? If not, this has no value. If  
>> you know what you're listening to, then you'll hear things that  
>> may not be there. Also, one musician is not enough.
> It was not a blind listening test. As the bit rate increases the  
> overall perceived quality is good and in some passages and for some  
> type of music I can't distinguish 320 AAC from 192 AAC, but even at  
> 224 AAC for some music I can distinguish the difference in some  
> particular points, brilliance in the attack to cymbals, bass  
> profoundity, chorus neatness.

Try it again in a blind test - rip a bunch of songs in different  
formats, set up a playlist in shuffle mode, then use the smart  
playlist to see what you're listening to afterwards. You may be  
surprised. Hearing is a cognitive action, and our brains influence  
what we hear, often just because of expectations.


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