[X4U] Re: X4U Digest, Vol 9, Issue 56

John McGibney ensignjd at optonline.net
Fri May 13 10:11:28 PDT 2005

Kirk could you tell me how this can be done? I've tried using Rules but
they're limited.
> On May 12, 2005, at 10:24 PM, John McGibney wrote:
>> 1. Because you can't create a rule to delete messages from a folder
>> when its
>> 1 day old and contains the word "digest" in its title.
I just tried a rule for this again, and it didn't work.

> True, but just create a smart folder and manually delete.

That might work for the digests but not for the 5 day temp messages. There
are too many messages I'll keep for a month or more.

I need a rule: 'delete mail from "Temp Save" if subject contains digest and
date sent is more than 1 day old"

Remember I  don't want messages left in my inbox nor other folders acted

>> 2. You can't create a rule to delete all messages from a particular
>> mailbox
>> when its 5 days old.
> Yes you can.

How? Mail's rules have no provision for selecting a MailBox.
'Delete mail from mailbox "temp Save" when date sent is more than 5 days
>> 3. You can't set it up to automatically delete mail from your
>> server when
>> its deleted from you mailbox.
> Yes you can.

Where is this setting? Not in Preferences/Accounts/Advanced.
Options are: immediately, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, when moved from inbox.


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