[X4U] DVD regions issue

Rod Duncan roduncan at telus.net
Mon May 16 11:00:06 PDT 2005

>On Tue, 10 May 2005, Brett Conlon wrote:
>>  Not having loaded a different region disc in my Mac for a while I can't
>>  remember the exact series of events that happen, but if you can get the
>>  disc mounted on the desktop (perhaps by ignoring the region change
>>  request) then you can use "Mac The Ripper" to save the disc to your hard
>>  drive. It will make it region free and remove a few other restrictions for
>>  you.
>You can avoid the annoying region switch message by going to the CD/DVD
>preference pane, and switching the action upon DVD insertion to VLC (or
>another app that won't bother you with region codes).
>Brett makes a good point about Mac The Ripper. That is actually the best
>way to do it - VLC is great, but the controls leave something to be
>desired compared to Apple's DVD software.  After using Mac The Ripper, you
>can then open the resulting VIDEO_TS folder in the Apple DVD player
>(without complaints about mismatched region codes!)

All excellent suggestions. Footnote to this. Once ripped out with Mac 
The Ripper and if you want to create a playable DVD on a commercial 
stand alone DVD player AND the ripped DVD is larger that 4.4 Gb.... 
just use DVD2oneX and it will downsize the program to fit on a 
standard 4.4 Gb DVD without any noticeable loss in playback quality. 
My preference is to then burn in Toast.

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