[X4U] Defrag utility for Tiger

PoolMouse poolmouse_nyc at mac.com
Mon May 16 11:55:53 PDT 2005

Vince Lewis <vplewis at mac.com> wrote:

>If you intend to "defrag" a disk, best practices suggests that you 
>back it up first. At that point, you have a completely "defragged" 
>disk--the backup-- and another one that can be erased in about 30 
>seconds. Add in a simple disk restore operation and you now have two 
>"defragged" disks with the exact same data. No extra software, no 
>dangerous operations--this is the reason the guys at Alsoft dropped 
>their defragger, and it probaby took less time than the kludge. 
>Assumption: anyone doing much video with only one drive is needlessly 
>torturing themself. This looks like a perfect reason to figure out 

wait...do i hear randy grinding his teeth? don't give away these 
valuable trade secrets. there's a lot of business selling snake 
oil...er...defrag tools...don't want to ruin it for those folks. ;)


don montalvo, nyc

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