[X4U] Backing up with Disk Utility

John Baltutis baltwo at san.rr.com
Wed May 18 13:02:00 PDT 2005

On 05/18/05, PoolMouse <poolmouse_nyc at mac.com> wrote:
> Brett Conlon <brett_conlon at sonymusic.com.au> wrote:
>>Again to clarify, if you had built a disc image you would not have been
>>able to boot off THE IMAGE unless you had restored the image to a drive
>>partition then chose the partition as your startup.
>>Restoring/cloning a volume through Disk Utility seems to be also available
>>under 10.3. I stumbled across it the other day when I accidentally dropped
>>the destination volume in the Source tab and it accepted it. It lead me to
>>think that you could possible clone a partition rather than having to
>>create an image first - like CCC. Looking further at the Source field
>>description it suggests you can drop a DISK or image there - duhhh!
>>My first attempt at cloning didn't work - non bootable build - but later I
>>found there were other issues with the partition I was "cloning" to. I'll
>>take another stab soon.
> i know you manage a bunch of macs. if you need to make bootable
> images, take a look at netrestore:
>	http://www.bombich.com/software/netrestore.html
> ccc took a back seat as soon as netrestore hit the scene. block copy
> instead of file copy, etc. netrestore follows asr procedure (man asr)
> so you can restore to a different computer.

I can't imagine what your problem is concerning CCC. CCC is designed,
primarily, for single-user use to make bootable clones, with additional
features for making images and using asr for restoring. It currently works
in Tiger, albeit with a workaround (see
<http://forums.bombich.com/viewtopic.php?t=5264> for details). CCC is not
in theback seat.

On the other hand, NetRestore is designed as a multicast deployment utility
for the masses managing multiple computers. One clarification: bootable
images are images that you can burn to a CD/DVD and use to boot a
computer-neither CCC nor NetRestore does this. See
<http://www.bombich.com/mactips/bootx> for details on making  images that
you can burn to CDs so that they're bootable (AFAIK, that capability hasn't
been extended to DVDs). What CCC and NetRestore can do is make an image
(both use asr for that feature) that you can mount and then copy to another
hard drive volume, such that the copy will boot the computer. But, you
can't boot with that image.

Allthough, Mike Bombich is working for Apple, he's still spending his
off-hours updating most of his products for Tiger compatability. See
<http://www.bombich.com/> for details.

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