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Mark Gibson gibsonm at bigpond.net.au
Mon May 23 23:42:33 PDT 2005

At 21:25 -0700 23/5/05, Crandon David wrote:
>I know this is definitely off topic, but a friend of mine needs some 
>help. He is a diehard Mac user, but for his pathology lab business 
>he is forced to use a PC.
>For his business he needs to do daily backups. The backups are full, 
>not incremental. He needs media that will hold about 9 gigs of data 
>for each backup. He does it Monday thru Friday, each day. The 
>following Monday he doesn't need the previous weeks data anymore.
>Each day needs to be stored on separate media and it's put in a 
>fireproof safe.
>So what suggestions do you all have on both media and software (PC 
>Thanks everyone.
>David Crandon


I'd suggest a Maxtor drive.


They come with Retrospect installed and can be attached by USB or FireWire.

I'd steer away from DVD try solutions because even if the safe is 
"fire proof" there is no guarantee that it wont get hot enough to 
melt the DVD's and convert them into a block of useless plastic.

Off site backup is much better (perhaps he can take the drive home 
with him - or do security issues preclude this?).


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