[X4U] Firefox Bug -- Windows Freezing

Richard Gilmore rgilmor at uwo.ca
Tue Apr 25 14:16:44 PDT 2006

I've noticed this occasionally. Not sure what to do about it except quitting
and restarting FF.

On 23/4/06 4:24 PM, "Vern Andrews" <archaeopteryx at clearwire.net> wrote:

> Recently, within the past several weeks, something strange has been
> happening with Firefox. Windows are freezing, and I have to open up a
> new window ..... Here is what happens. I'll have a window open, and
> be reading something online. Then when I need to type in something,
> like a response to a forum, that window is frozen, and I can't type
> anything at all. I have to close that frozen window, and open up a
> new window, then I can pick up where I left off.
> This happens everyday, and appears to only be a problem with Firefox.
> I have the newest version of Firefox,, which just updated
> automatically several days ago. Has anyone else noticed this same
> problem? Is there a fix?
> I'm running Tiger 10.4.6 on my iBook G4. Any ideas? Thanks.
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