[X4U] PC Slot Memory Limitation?

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Mon Apr 9 07:56:37 PDT 2007

A friend has this same problem on a new iMac G5, 2.1 GHz. The only way 
he can retrieve images off the Memory Stick Pro Duo is by hooking the 
USB cable from the camera to the computer.  He dislikes doing that, but 
his Memory card reader just cannot see the memory stick.


Lee Licata wrote:

> Dear List,
> I am running 17" PB G4, system 10.4.9, all software up to date.
> In the PC slot on the side, I have a Sony Memory Stick/PC Card  
> Adapter and normally, inside the adapter resides a 128 mb memory  
> stick that I use to keep some important data backed up on a regular  
> basis.
> Got a new camera and purchased a 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo. It came  
> with a Duo adapter that allows my current Memory Stick/PC Card  
> Adapter to accept the new Memory Stick Pro Duo.
> However, the Mac does not recognize it, nor even see it using Disk  
> Utility.
> Could the slot have a memory limitation? Or maybe the Mac OS has one  
> that I am not aware of?
> Might there be a way to "force" the PB to see the new memory stick so  
> maybe I can troubleshoot why it does not come up on the desktop?
> Lee
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