[X4U] ClarisDraw>Inkscape?

keith_w keith_w at dslextreme.com
Sat Jan 20 08:34:30 PST 2007

Zane H. Healy wrote:
> At 9:36 PM -0800 1/19/07, keith_w wrote:
>> I still have a briefly used copy of Generic CADD® release 6.1 for PC. 
>> AT, PS/1, PS/2, with its 8 lb. of manuals!
>> How's THAT for an old timer?
>> I have no idea why I still hang onto it!
>> Memories, I guess.
>> Those were back in my old CADD days, with AutoCAD for Mac and PC.
>> I actually made money working at CRT drafting and design!  <bg>
>> I traded in a perfectly good Generic CADD for the Mac, which had been 
>> discontinued and AutoDesk insisted it would never be supported again.
>> It was a rather cumbersome, but totally capable CADD program.
>> Sad it had to die on the vine. AutoDesk had commanded it so...
>> sighhh. The "good ol' days." NOT.

> I still have a couple copies of DesignCAD (I think one is before the 
> 2D/3D releases, and one is the 2D release).  I both predate the PS/1, 
> and the one the PS/2.  It was my first "Drawing" program, and I ran it 
> on a Kaypro 2000 laptop in the late 80's.  I've got to agree, the "Good 
> Ol' Days" it wasn't.  I'll stick with Mac's, VMS, and Unix thank you :^)
> Zane

your post lends a bit of fresh perspective, which allows me to dump this 
ancient old CADD program.
It's taken up shelf space long enough.
I'll never use it and it's not worth anything to anyone else, so out it 
I've some old AutoCAD Reference manuals too...out they go!

Thanks for the impetus....

keith whaley

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