[X4U] OT: Can we sell stuff on this list?

Randy B. Singer randy at macattorney.com
Sun Jul 8 15:51:46 PDT 2007

On Jul 8, 2007, at 1:44 PM, Stroller wrote:

> To date (I have over 3 years' worth of postings here) the listmom  
> has never stepped in when threads have drifted off-topic or on  
> those rare occasions when disputes have escalated into flame wars  
> or personal name-calling. Sorry to break it to you, kid - there is  
> no listmom.

I haven't kept track of how many years I've been on this list.  I  
_have_ exchanged e-mails with Eric, though not recently.  I don't  
recall, but it may have all been via private e-mail.  I suggested  
that the list would benefit from having an active moderator to keep  
the headcases in check.  He asked if I would like to moderate the  
list, and I declined.  But I suggested that he appoint _someone_ to  
be the moderator.  (They aren't usually in evidence, but there are  
several Macintosh luminaries subscribed to this list.) Nothing ever  
came of it.  I'm sure that Eric is very busy with his business  
endeavors and that he doesn't have time to be bothered with the  
goings-on on his lists.

Stroller is correct, for all practical purposes there is no moderator  
on this list.  This list is as wild and wooly as discussion lists  
get.  Even if a big flamewar broke out on this list, I have my doubts  
that we would be able to attract Eric's attention to assist.  We've  
already seen that Eric's lists can go down for many weeks without any  
response to e-mails to him, and then come back up with no comment  
from Eric at all.

If anyone would prefer to be on a Macintosh discussion list that is  
actively moderated, I'd be happy to give you a few recommendations.   
Contact me via private e-mail.

Randy B. Singer
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