[X4U] MacUpdate Special Offer

Neil Laubenthal neil at laubenthal.net
Fri Jul 20 17:29:45 PDT 2007

Nothing against the MacHeist guys making a profit . . . but even if  
you double or triple the advertising and bandwidth costs the vast  
majority of the profit still goes to them and not to the developers.  
For a program that supposedly is being run (according to their press  
release last time . . . I didn't look this go round) for the benefit  
of shareware developers . . . keeping the majority of the profit is  
disingenuous at best.

On Jul 20, 2007, at 18:35, Stroller wrote:

> I'll bet that many of the buyers of this bundle will use 3 or 4 of  
> these apps and barely ever touch the other half-dozen or more - so  
> in this case the 5 bucks net being received is money for nothing.  
> There will be no support costs for those purchasers and they are  
> sales that wouldn't otherwise have been made.
> I feel you may underestimate the cost of advertising and marketing  
> in your analysis above, but whatever - it's the nature of business  
> that profit makes ventures worthwhile. Clearly all the authors were  
> willing participants and don't need defending (although, fair  
> enough, buy directly from the authors if you prefer to support them  
> that way).

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