[X4U] Palm software

Gail Grainger ggrainger at deweybrowse.org
Tue Jul 24 17:51:01 PDT 2007

I have an old Treo 90, that I want to use on a laptop. My software is 
OS9, on the CD, and when I try to download it from Palm, it tells me 
that my serial number isn't valid. The left side of the barcode and 
serial number has worn off, from synching on two different computers. 
I am assuming that I am missing the first few digits from the serial 
number. I tried copying the software, but that didn't work. When I go 
to the Palm site, buying the software doesn't seem to be an option. 
Does anyone have any advice? The laptop is running 10.4.10.
Gail Grainger

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