[X4U] G3 Last Ship Date?

Zane H. Healy healyzh at aracnet.com
Thu Jun 14 15:26:59 PDT 2007

> cache/bus speed? RAM limitations on portables? It's possible they could
> quietly be unsupported by Apple just because Apple doesn't want to/need to
> deal with questions like, "Why won't ABC.com play correctly on my G4
> Powerbook? It's a 1.0GHz maxxed out with 1GB RAM, and it stutters and drops
> out. Why?" (true story/specs, by the way). Even though the OS may run,
> technically, if the specs on the computer are out of date with regards to
> "common" activities -- watching video on the Net, or streaming to AppleTV,
> or lack of USB2 making their iPod experience too slow -- they may simply
> drop the "class" from support rather than spend a lot of Genius Bar time
> with those kinds of questions.

Not just portables.  I have a Rev.0 G4/450AGP with an upgraded video card. 
I've run 10.2 on in, and I might consider 10.3, but there is no way I'd want
to run 10.4 on it. 

I'm pretty sure my Rev.0 G5 2x2 can handle 10.5, especially with my 5.5GB
RAM, and I'm hoping to get 2 1/2 more years out of it (it is a little over 3
1/2 years old).  Though I'm starting to wonder how long before software
availability makes me want to upgrade.  


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