[X4U] Mac locks up when attempting use file sharing

Kansas Territory kansast at mac.com
Mon Jun 18 09:26:46 PDT 2007

On Jun 18, 2007, at 11:23 AM, Wayne Clodfelter wrote:

>> 1st computer: (trouble computer)  G4      2nd computer:  for  
>> example  MacBook.
>> Scenario 1 : Macbook connects to G4 via file sharing, and starts  
>> to send a file to the G4,  the Macbook's Finder will lock up.
>> Scenario 2: G4 connects to Macbook via file sharing,  G4 attempts  
>> to grab a file and download from the macbook,  the G4's finder  
>> will lock up.
>> I've tried this several times, using two different macbooks and  
>> two different iMacs
>> as long as the G4 is in the mix, it causes the finder to lock up,  
>> on whoever initiates the file transfer
>> However these macbooks and iMacs can successfully copy files  
>> amongst themselves without problems.
>> Kansast

> What if, instead of trying to download to the host from the server  
> (your G4), you try to remotely open a/the file? Does it open on  
> your G4 when it resides on the server?

I certainly haven't tried that..   I'll give that a shot.
  I have tried to create a NEW USER on this G4, and then tried to  
copy a file,  still same problem.


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