[X4U] Browsers for OS X which are "light?"

B. Kuestner kuestner at macnews.de
Fri Jun 13 22:03:22 PDT 2008

Of course you will be able to find something a little lighter than  
Safari or Firefox. There have been a couple of good suggestions.

But note that a large part of the code of modern browswers really goes  
into the rendering, not the extra features on the side.

If you cut on the size of the rendering engine, you either run into  
issues when displaying some pages (e. g. many mobile browsers) or speed.

In that respect Safari is already quite lightweight (which seems  
strange, as it can use hundreds of MB if available). Remember that its  
core is used on mobile phones!

And the Firefox developers have made a great and successful effort in  
that direction with Firefox 3.


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