[X4U] how to view "pageouts?"

Ed Gould edgould1948 at comcast.net
Sun Jun 22 21:16:36 PDT 2008

On Jun 22, 2008, at 10:43 PM, Linda wrote:

> On 6/22/08 10:33 PM, Ed Gould wrote:
>> I do not want to get a 3rd held for length reasons so I will sit back
>> and wait for the list owner to decide what to do.
> You could simply break the replies up into shorter chunks? I've  
> seen people
> do that, they call them "Part I" and "Part II" or something like that.
> ~Linda


Thank you yes I could do that. On another list when I did that I got  
a bad boy slapping my fingers for do it. On another list I had to ask  
that they turn off the length restriction for an hour. That went well  
but it seems like the owner isn't on top of the list or else they  
would have noticed the automatic email from the list notifying them  
of the length. I certainly am not going to say anything more as the  
last time I said anything about the list owner I got yelled at.

I am not sure if the owner is on vacation or just out of touch. I am  
sure they will tend to it when they get back and check on everything.  
One of the issues in this exercise is that the subject matter is  
complex and so it is important to leave the questions leading up to  
my response because of the the depth the background has to repeated  
and then answered so everyone is on the same level playing field. As  
I have said a few times before paging isn't an easy one sentence  
reply to do. There are so many "oh by the way" issues that really  
need to be understood. I would suggest that if anyone is really  
interesting in this to buy a few books. This is a really complicated  
subject matter (I don't claim to be a super paging person just one  
that has worked on the outside for 20 or so years. IIRC the  
performance person told me that there are semester (and more) courses  
on paging methods and methodology that you would get a better insight  
than anything I am saying here. I am attempting to keep it "light" (I  
know sometimes I fail) for most people to understand. Again this is  
*NOT* a light subject matter the math alone is something that is  
reasonably well know in queuing theory its not about horse racing  
odds or poker. By its self its reasonably straight forward but there  
are a *LOT* of "depends" that go into a decision to page out and  
depending on what type of OS you are talking about a swap can be one  
of two types logical and physical. There are also variants of paging  
(and why it happens) it really comes down to the OS and how  
sophisticated it is.


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