[X4U] Item in MACWORLD on iLife09

Ed Gould edgould1948 at comcast.net
Thu Feb 12 21:10:30 PST 2009

While iLife ’09 brought many welcome improvements to the programs  
(well, except for iDVD) in Apple’s digital lifestyle suite, it also  
brought one unwelcome change—the end of any sort of manual for the  
programs at all. In prior versions of iLife, each program included a  
Getting Started PDF that you could view via an entry in the Help  
menu. In iLife ’09, that menu entry has vanished from every program  
in the suite, except for GarageBand.

Does anyone else, see this as distressing? I mean it is one thing to  
only send out a PDF but to have to d/l 9GB for information that  
should have been included  in the first place, IMO. Also since more  
and more ISP's are limiting d/l'ing it is (to me) a surprise that  
APPLE would even consider doing this. *IF* they were worried about  
the cost of the burning of as say extra 2 DVD's then just charge  

How does the rest of the rest of the list see this change in behavior?


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