[X4U] Item in MACWORLD on iLife09

Ed Gould edgould1948 at comcast.net
Tue Feb 17 21:02:12 PST 2009

On Feb 17, 2009, at 12:43 PM, Dennis R. Cohen wrote:
> -------------------SNIP-------------------------------------
> Okay, minor nit, but if you're talking about Pages, then the subject
> line is incorrect. Pages is part of iWork (Pages, Keynote, Numbers)  
> and
> iLife consists of iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand, and iWeb.

Thanks I already apologized for the error. As I see it though Apple  
brought it on themselves as naming everything I this or I that. It  
has users (like me) totally confused as to what is what.
> The first thing I would suggest is turning on "Show Invisibles" in the
> View menu. That should show you the carriage returns, page breaks,  
> etc.
> Position the cursor at the bottom of everything and then just start
> backspacing until you're back to a single page. Show Invisibles will
> also get you closer to what you're accustomed to with WordPerfect,
> showing you the formatting, etc that is being applied.

I already did that and eliminated the "things" but it still prints  
blanks pages. I am semi convinced that there are some other  
invisibles that are not being display.

> So far as the tables are concerned, are you talking about  
> redimensioning
> them (changing the number of rows/columns) or resizing them (changing
> the size of the cells). The easiest starting point is to use the  
> Tables
> Inspector.

Went there tried it many times. And I was totally confused  
afterwards. I tried help and it was less than I would say helpful.

Like I said earlier if I send the file to a friends he is able to  
figure out in a few minutes what he needs to do, but he has print  
background and can talk to the real printer types directly. He knows  
a lot of information that it seems to take a professional to  
understand. And as I said before this should not be professional  
knowledge needed to use the product. I do not claim to have knowledge  
and would bow to anyone that did have. My friend besides working in a  
print shop environment he also designed forms (etc) to be done by  
professional printers. He certainly has the knowledge it takes.
> Printing just one page is easy, at least here. Choose Print and in the
> Print dialog, click the "From" radio button and make sure it is from 1
> to 1 in the text boxes.

I have tried that and it *STILL* insists on printing 2 pages. What is  
really a kick in the a** to me is that when OS 9 went away my  
ultradependable IBM printer went away. So I had to go out and buy an  
HP which worked well for a week. It some how jammed  and it will only  
take paper feed from the front. SO I have to hurry over to the  
printer and feed paper manually and it does not go well . The damn HP  
printer is OK quality when it does print but the manual feeding is  
almost enough to toss it out the window.  With the IBM printer there  
was one lever to open and access any paper jam with HP we can't even  
open the printer (as far as I can tell) if there is a trick I sure  
couldn't find the secret button. I will never get another HP printer  
again as they seemed to be built so you have to secret knowledge to  
just open them. I suppose when the current ink runs out it will be  
tossed as I cannot figure out how to open the damn printer up to  
change it.
> Frankly, as much distaste as I feel for Microsoft, Word is an  
> incredibly
> powerful, flexible word processor and tracking down undesired  
> formatting
> and the like is quite simple after you've learned the tricks (the  
> first
> is "Reveal Formatting" in the View menu or clicking the ¶ icon in the
> toolbar). WP is just as confusing to a new user or a switcher, it's  
> just
> that you're accustomed to its approach. Long-time Word users  
> encountered
> the same difficulty adapting to WP as you do to switching from it --
> it's what you're used to and have mastered. Pages is a new kid on the
> block, but it also provides most of the same capabilities for
> trouble-shooting, just using a different paradigm. Show Invisibles and
> the various Inspectors are the gateway with Pages.
> -- 
> Dennis:

I used to be forced to work with MS word and could never get it to do  
what I could do with WP in two keystrokes. I had all the experts come  
up with ideas but none matched the simplicity of WP.


ps: Yes there were work arounds but it entailed working knowledge of  
Word which I refused categorically to use.

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