[X4U] Permissions Question

Ed Gould edgould1948 at comcast.net
Mon May 4 21:08:04 PDT 2009

I am somewhat confused. I am attempting with the finder to move some  
files into a folder. When I drag and drop them nothing happens (it  
doesn't happen).

I look at the permissions of the files and I do have read/write on  
the files and I have read/write on the folder I am attempting to move  
them to.

I have full access to the volume (ignore ownership).

I must be overlooking something but I do not know what else to be  
asking myself.

I created the folder and created all the files. This is *NOT* a new  
folder. If I had to guess I created it 9 years (maybe more) ago. It  
was there is OS9 and with the 2 OSX upgrades and never an issue. I  
was able to write to it as of May 1 , 2009 (the highest modification  

Note this folder is a sub folder of another folder which again I have  
r/w access.

Can someone shed some light on why I cannot move files into the folder?

FWIW I am at 10.4.11 and am running a G5 SIlver dual with 6G of  
memory and a dual 2.7 MHZ processor. I also rebooted in between to  
see if there was some sort of boot issue and it seems to have stayed  
and I cannot move the files (still).


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