[X4U] OSX and sharewhere programs

Craig A. Finseth fin at finseth.com
Mon May 18 06:19:02 PDT 2009

   I am sure this not is new issue but I stumbled on it today and was  
   curious how others are addressing the issue.

   I have purchased a sharewear program so when I tried  to use is on  
   another logon it prompted me for a serial number.

   This to me is a bit of a folly as I though sharewhere was licensed to  
   a cpu. While I cannot follow there legal rules I think common sense  
   is that if it prompts each user  for a serial number it seems (to me  
   anyway) that you do not want to give the user this type of  
   information. So how do individuals and companies handle this situation?

It most likely stores its registration information in the user's home
folder rather than a system area.  This is not unreasonable.

If, after reviewing the license terms, you determine that it is a
per-CPU license, you should be able to enter the same registration
information for each user.

If you are having problems, you should contact the shareware author
for assistance.  After all, you are a legitimate customer and have
paid for it.


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