[X4U] Help re browser functioning

Doug Metzler metzler.lists at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 22:35:28 PST 2009

Does anyone have any suggestion(s) regarding this?

Since Safari 4.0.3 crashed a day ago both it and Firefox have been
oddly.  E.g., gmail won't load the standard display at all but will
load at the "basic
html" display.  Mapquest will not display the major map although
sometimes other graphics appear.  In general pages sometimes display
oddly, missing some graphics, mishandling formatting and/or displaying
raw html although they will usually redisplay correctly on reload.

Safari and Firefox have shown messages saying that websites did not
respond with correct address or something to that effect.  I've reset
the PRAM (or at least I think I did since the computer kept restarting
unless I delayed hitting the chord longer than I thought I should have
to.)  Have also "renewed DHCP lease".  Problem is same on ethernet or
airport connection.

Other computers are running fine on the ethernet and airport
connections of the Fios lan so the issue is local to the computer but
not just to Safari since Firefox is affected.

Computer is rmacbook pro running OS10.5.8

Seems like this is the kind of thing that pre OS X was solved by
trashing certain files and letting the os recreate them but I have no
idea of what files those would be in X or where to find them or if
that is still what needs to be done.

Many thanks for any help and your patience in reading the post.
Doug Metzler

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