[X4U] Quicktime 7/Snow Leopard

TUCKER ian carlian at chariot.net.au
Tue Nov 17 18:53:14 PST 2009

I often use SnapzPro to record media from my Desktop.   The resultant  
file has the suffix ".mov"   In the past if I wanted to compress the  
file I would go to :- File>Share>Mail and then select one of 3 size  
options.    This would proceed and the end result would appear in the  
body of a new mail message.

Since the installation of Snow Leopard,  I must first open QT 7 from  
the Utilities folder and then go to :- File>Open and then seek out the  
file I wish to act upon.   The procedure from hereon is the same as  
before, however when i try to  "Share" the file for compression,  the  
procedure fails at the end of exporting and I get the following  
message:- "Failed:qtKitErrorCatchAll(-50)".

Just after I installed Snow Leopard the procedure worked fine, but of  
late it fails every time, despite having re-installed QT7 more than  
once (and from several sources, inc. the installation disc).

Any clues please?

Ian Tucker

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