[X4U] 10.5 instead of 10.6

David Ledger dledger at ivdcs.demon.co.uk
Fri Feb 12 01:32:53 PST 2010

At 10:14 -0800 11/2/10, Zane H. Healy wrote:
>On Thu, 11 Feb 2010, Chris Jones wrote:
>>>  Do either of those solutions allow you to throttle the virtual machines
>>>  running under them?  If so I can setup a Linux instance specifically to run
>>>  a VAX emulator, and retire yet another system.
>>  Depends what you mean by throttle. I use VMware Fusion and with 
>>that you can certainly limit the amount of RAM, or number of CPU 
>>cores each VM gets to see. You can't (AFAIK) throttle them to only 
>>get x% of the available CPU power for a given core (so for instance 
>>give one VM 1GHz worth of a 2.5GHz core...).
>That was my fear.  I'd like to be able to say that the instance gets 50% of
>one core.  Though if I can at least limit it to running on a single core,
>that would help some.

You can limit a VMware Fusion VM to a single CPU's worth of CPU, but 
it's still spread across all CPUs. So 1 CPU means 1/4 of the total on 
a 4 core iMac. Makes me wonder why they limited it to 1, 2 or 4 on a 
4 core machine.

I understood that Apple specifically don't license OSX on any virtual 
machine, even if that VM is running on Apple hardware. Has that 


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