[X4U] Extracting data from an email

Tommy Bollman tommyb06 at student.uia.no
Sat Jul 17 11:14:50 PDT 2010

Hello Andy.

Take a trip over to http://macscripter.net and post your problem.
At least I will make a solution for you where I extract the data to the end of a comma separated (CSV) file, or any other delimiter you prefer,
which then should be easy to import by filemaker.

Take the trip over to macscripter, register, and we are in business!

On 17. juli 2010, at 18.14, Andy wrote:

> I want to extract some data from emails sent from a shopping cart. The data
> will be something like Product: xxxx
> Order No: xxxx, Name: xxxx, Address: xxxx etc.
> The emails will arrive as either html or plain text. I want to be able to
> automatically extract this data and insert it into a Filemaker database.
> I know I can run a script from a Rule in Mail or Entourage to save/export
> the emails as plain text but how to get the data into a form that Filemaker
> can use?
> Or is there some other way of doing this?
> Any help from you guys would be really appreciated.
> Andy
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