[X4U] Stop playing music on iPad

Robert Ameeti robert at ameeti.net
Fri Jul 30 14:18:56 PDT 2010

At 9:41 PM +0200, 7/30/10, Paul Moortgat wrote:

>It's still running and active when it's paused or halted.

When it is Paused or halted (whatever that means) 
it is NOT 'running'. There is nothing moving ... 
ever. There is no power being used. There are no 
mechanical items moved into place. Nothing. No 
memory is unavailable due to its not being quit.

>  The other is obvious. I explained the solution in a mail a minute ago.

Force Quitting an app is totally unnecessary in 
this case. After pausing or finishing a song, 
merely pressing the Home button will Quit the 
app. Everything else is a total waste of time.

>Paul Moortgat
>On 30 Jul 2010, at 21:34, Robert Ameeti wrote:
>>At 9:28 PM +0200, 7/30/10, Paul Moortgat wrote:
>>>That's why I want to quit the app and not stop 
>>>or halt it.  The other apps work this way, why 
>>>not the ipod app?
>>Please explain what it is that you think would 
>>be different if you Quit the app instead of 
>>Pausing or Stopping the song.
>>>Paul Moortgat
>>>On 30 Jul 2010, at 21:01, Michael Winter wrote:
>>>>On Jul 30, 2010, at 1:46 PM, Paul Moortgat wrote:
>>>>>Pause is not stop.
>>>>That's all iTunes or an iPod has. If you want 
>>>>a "Stop" then you need to quit the app or 
>>>>shut down the iPod. For non-mechanical 
>>>>devices, the distinction between pause and 
>>>>stop becomes irrelevant. There's no need for 
>>>>keeping disks spinning or mechanisms engaged, 
>>>>which is why there needed to be both a pause 
>>>>and stop option.
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