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This is common when PDFs were scanned in or saved as whole images and not created from or as text. Essentially, there is nothing to highlight as it is a single image to the PDF reader.

For instance, if you were to use a PDF printer (like Adobe Acrobat's) to print a text document you should be able to highlight that text. However, if you were to use a scanner and save a scanned image as PDF (without using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software) you'd find that you would be unable to highlight the text - as there isn't actually any digital text there - only analog text.

I hope I've explained it clearly.

Joe Tinney

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On Oct 19, 2011, at 11:17 AM, Winston MacKelvie wrote:

> Help. 
> In Preview I can highlte pdf docs. But not if all. Patent office pdfs refuse to accept highliting. However I can use the Preview shapes on them.
> How come?

Can you provide a link to a pdf that you can not highlight?

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