[X4U] Can I talk to you about our club?

Ronald Steinke ronsteinke at mac.com
Mon Sep 16 23:36:08 PDT 2013

Mr. Singer,

My name is Ron Steinke and I am the current Program Director of MacChUG, a Macintosh User Group in Chico, CA. We have been a club for over twenty years and are available to Mac users in Northern California as a resource and social organization.

We hold monthly meetings to present new products, new software, and answer general questions from the audience and I would like to ask if you could or would be willing to appear as one of our guest speakers. We would not ask that you present any specific subject, but would definitely appreciate your thoughts and presentation on any Macintosh related issue.

Our meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month and begin at 6:30PM with a Novice Group, then progress to the general meeting at 7:30. The meetings usually end around 9:00PM with a small raffle.

Our calendar is from September to June and, so far, we have received confirmations for appearances from Bob Bishop, Dan Frakes, Chris Breen, and Christian Pickman of MicroMat Company, and I would like to ask you to join us if you are available. If you decide to accept our request, I can give you the dates of the open months and we could confirm the timing of your appearance.

If you are not available to appear because of travel time or distance, we have the facilities to accommodate an internet conference session with audio and video and could arrange to use the program of your choice to accomplish that.

I am available by email, of course, and my phone contact numbers are 530-891-8770 in the mornings and 530-570-2759 in the afternoons and evenings.

I look forward to your response and hope that you are willing and available to appear for us.


Ron Steinke
Program Director

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