[X4U] 14 Mac Tips (Randy B. Singer)

stephen e. schwartz ses at bnl.gov
Tue Sep 17 07:49:46 PDT 2013

I am wanting to paste unformatted text into word all the time. I 
generally use styles in word, which sets my preferred formatting. So 
I was intrigued by the suggestion of command shift option v, which, 
however, does not work for me in Word 08; 10.6.8.  My workaround is 
to paste into Textwrangler, which is always open on my mac. This 
removes all formatting. then copy and paste into word.

text wrangler also will remove hard returns pretty smartly. I set up 
a macro in that so that I can readily remove the hard returns select 
all and then click my word document and paste. its all pretty fast 
and seamless.



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>14 Mac Tips That Will Change Your Life
>Randy B. Singer
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