[X4U] iTunes 11.1 Incredibly BAD "feature"

Bernard Munter bmunter at netspace.net.au
Fri Sep 20 14:54:05 PDT 2013

On 21/09/13 072306, "Cat" <catsoul at thinkplan.org> wrote:

> On 9/20/13 2:19 PM, Clifford Readout wrote:
>> When the update is completed, iTunes will now show EVERY ***available***
>> episode of EVERY Podcast to which you are subscribed.  It does not matter if
>> you had downloaded them, listened/watched them and deleted them. This totals
>> more than 1300 items in the Podcasts to which I am subscribed.  (Yes, more
>> than one thousand three hundred!)
>> BUT, even worse, you cannot delete any of them without (supposedly)
>> downloading them again and listening/watching them all again.
> they call it a feature, eh? what did they get a hold of some bad likker?
> sounds like a nightmare..thanks for the heads up.
I also installed iTunes 11.1 because it was apparently necessary to update
my iDevice to IOS 7.

I was shocked to see hundreds of old podcasts in List view, with no way to
get rid of them.

Ironically, there is a "Show Old Podcasts" option available, which is
gratuitous, as they are _already_ being shown! Surely, this option should be
"Hide Old Podcasts," which it may have been intended to be - a toggle, in
other words. _That_ would be a feature.

I noticed that in views other than List, the old podcasts were not being
shown, until I stupidly tried the "Show Old Podcasts" option in the hope
that it would turn into "Hide Old Podcasts" in a context other than List
view. No, it didn't.

My workaround is to use the Unplayed view for new podcasts, and to sort the
List view by most recent release date so at least the newer podcasts are at
the top.

I've also had problems with new, played podcasts being re-downloaded after I
have deleted them. Re-deleting them removes them from my computer, but they
are still shown as 'old.'

Hopefully, if enough users complain, Apple will provide a "Hide Old
Podcasts" option. I can see that the new 'feature' replaces the older "Show
all available" context menu option, but at least on the old method they
could be deleted. Perhaps they meant to provide a "Hide Old Podcasts" option
but ran out of time to get it out for release. It's broken, Jim.


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