[BTM] t68i - Address book SMS stupidity

Erik Gilchrist erikgil at metagrafix.com
Mon Jul 28 18:23:32 PDT 2003

Clicking on the 'mobile' and holding until the contextual menu popped 
up revealed the SMS.  (DOH!)

Thanks all. I knew it was going to be so simple as and might as well 
have been stupid.  Just goes to show about apple documentation 
(lacking) and to maybe just think how it should just work.  As one 
person said to me, shame we have to have address book.app open.  I 
agree.  Perhaps panther will have something new and be a system 
preference, digital hub and all  :)

(those with panther NDA's can contact me directly -- LOL)

Brilliant!  And thanks to all who had answers and who helped me to test 
it. Good list.
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