Two Macs, One Mobile?

Andrew Currie me at
Wed Nov 12 12:46:31 PST 2003

Here's one that's sure to stump ya!

I have to Macs and one SE T616 mobile phone. I've been testing a 
Bluetooth iSync connection with the mobile on the desktop Mac, and want 
to try out a Bluetooth GPRS modem connection on the laptop.

I've unplugged the USB Bluetooth adapter from the desktop and plugged 
it into the laptop, but when I try to pair the laptop with my mobile, 
the mobile shows the name of my desktop computer, not the laptop! I 
haven't paired the two yet, because I don't want to risk corrupting any 
data or connectivity to my desktop Mac.

Each computer has a unique name; the only thing they share is a 
wireless connection to an AirPort Base Station.

Any ideas?

Many thanks,


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