OS X and Bluetooth - Smart Phones?

est est at lamar.colostate.edu
Fri Nov 21 03:15:07 PST 2003

This is a real newbie question, as I am about to plunge into the world of cell 
phones for the first 

I am a Mac fanatic.  I want to control my computer with my phone via 
Bluetooth, I want a color 
screen that I can upload games, custom ring tones (from homemade .wav files) -
 I believe they are 
called polymorphic ring tones..?  I also want the ability to backup the 
contents of my phone like 
the address/phone number list in case I lose or break my phone, too.  And, 
notwithstanding, I 
want to be able to somewhat customize the appearance, but it's not a major 
importance.  A bigger 
screen and maybe a flip-down to cover the screen would be nice so it doesn't 
get scratched.

  I have heard of 'smart' phones, but was unable to find an ample amount of 
information.  Really, 
there's a lot of information to sort out and I haven't had the 'joy' of 
getting screwed on a bad plan 
or have a provider with bad coverage or whatnot.

  I can say that I have heard good things about Sprint's coverage in my state 
(Colorado), especially 
for the mountains.  They use the PCI spectrum, I believe, but don't know what 
that really means, 
other than I think it was an old section of bandwidth once dedicated to 
schools, but they never 
used it so the gov't took it back and auctioned it off to the suits.  I 
digress.... what I want is one of 
the better options that is out there.  Maybe not the best, but definitely 
upper crust.... something 
that I can grow into really well because I love OS X and technology in 

Thanks for any and all help regarding a very fuzzy issue,


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