[BTM] Motorola 720-series phone

Rob Parker Rob at ParkerDigital.net
Fri Feb 20 08:25:42 PST 2004

>>This is slightly off-topic, but does anyone know of any way to sync
>>Entourage or ical calendars to a Motorola 720-series phone, specifically a
>>U.S. Cellular T731 CDMA?
>I've got one in my desk drawer that I used with Verizon. I synced 
>phone numbers all the time with a data cable that I got for 2 bucks 
>on ebay. I used iSync and OnSync with good results.

Sorry, I see your inquiry was about iCal. My iCal data synced into 
the phone using iCal as well. It does work.


Rob Parker

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