[BTM] new Sony-Ericssons

Rob Parker Rob at ParkerDigital.net
Wed Mar 10 20:34:40 PST 2004

>I can't wait for the Z600 to be avaiable in the US so I don't have to spend
>$400 on it ;-)

Not sure exactly what you mean by that...you can get it in the States 
now. You mean you're waiting for the mobile providers to carry it? 
Don't hold your breath. There are lots of other flips on the shelves 
already and the Z200 probably has more public appeal than the Z600.

But let's just say that they did start carrying it. I think they'd be 
asking at least $300 for it. For $89 more you can get one right now 
from GSMphonesource.com (no affiliation here) and start enjoying it 
before the weekend. Believe me, it's worth it.


Rob Parker

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