[BTM] New Bluetooth Headsets? Any word on the latest Bluetooth ear pieces. Heard of one that is smaller and with longer hours of battery life.

Paul Stratford paul at piglobal.com
Thu Mar 11 09:48:46 PST 2004

Personally, I'm interested to know about *stereo* headsets.
The new BT update in OS X now supports sound output to headsets but I don't
want no steenkin' mono.

Hell, I'd take a stereo headset with a PP9 hooked up as long as it was

Hmm.. Haven't checked the specs but what's the max bandwidth on BT? I think
I read that connections can be aggregated but then it would have to be a
pretty whizz-bang headset to do that.

Lots of surmising without looking things up.

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