[BTM] Phone replacement

Jon Wever jon.wever at optusnet.com.au
Thu Sep 29 04:21:01 PDT 2005

Howdy Chris
I really like my SonyEricsson S700i. The screen is absolutely huge  
and, as with flip-phones, the keypad is protected from accidental key  
presses. The UI on SE's phones has always struck me as particularly  
well refined and easy to use so I've stuck with them for years.
iSync, SMS from Address Book, bluetooth file exchange to and from my  
Mac works as well, maybe better, than the T68i it replaced. I also  
use Salling Clicker to control VLC, iTunes and PowerPoint, and the  
S700i has a HID-based bluetooth remote built in that you can  
customise up the wazoo - I've only just started playing with that one.

On 29/09/2005, at 8:52 PM, Christian Dupuis wrote:

> My Sony Ericsson T616 is showing serious signs of wear and tear,  
> and I've had it for two years so I can probably change models  
> without paying an arm and a leg to my cell service provider. It's  
> been great, working flawlessly with Salling Clicker and iSync, so I  
> would like to get something a little more recent to replace it.
> On the plus side, it was really cool to use the T616 for  
> controlling iTunes, Keynote et al. via its built-in nav buttons,  
> but I had two peeves with the thing, specifically how easy it was  
> to screw things up if you didn't lock the keys before putting it in  
> your pockets and, second, how flimsy the keys became with use (the  
> 1 and 8 numkey switches are too sensitive now). Therefore, I'd like  
> to replace it with a clamshell. if at all possible. I don't really  
> need built-in camera support (I seldom, if ever, used the Sony's  
> due to the lame image quality and high noise content).
> Any recommendations much appreciated.
> Chris Dupuis
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