[BTM] Multiple bluetooth headsets on one Mac

gooddog at interlync.com gooddog at interlync.com
Wed May 31 18:35:50 PDT 2006

Hello, group;
I've been helping to organize a class that will be held via video
conference, and have been encountering some difficulties.
Our situation is that we are in three locations: Arizona, Illinois,
and Callifornia. The instructor is in CA. The AZ folks have the
fastest computer, so they host the iChat session. We have been
looking into alternative sound/mic systems because the boomy-ness of
the rooms makes hearing for all parties a bit difficult.

several rounds of trying out our technical details, we determined
that headsets with mics (where the students and teacher could all
hear and speak to each other) would work well to isolate the sounds
of the discussion, and we were told by people at the Apple Store that
bluetooth headsets should do the trick; that we could use 6 bluetooth
headsets for a single conference, and everyone would be able to hear.
So, I got the headsets, but we are unable to get more than one
working with iChat at a time. It would appear that only one device
can be paired and operating at any given time, but we are novices.
My questions:
A) Will this work?
B) If so, how?
C) If not, how could something like this work, either with bluetooth
or with wired headsets with mics?
D) Would this require some sort of hub or multi-channel mixer?
Any clues would be greatly appreciated.

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