[DuoList] How do I get a file off a 2400c w/ no disk or ZIP drives?

Iman Bhullar imansingh at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 3 20:27:02 PST 2005

Hi Roger,

I looked in the extensions folder for the Iomega
driver this morning (when all the trouble happened)
but I couldn't figure out what its name was.

I typed in "iomega" and "zip" (in two separate
searches) into the "find" function and came up empty
except for the desktop icon.

Would you happen to know what the iomega driver would
be called? Maybe the problem is that there's no Iomega
driver anymore in the extensions folder, but I have no
idea how that could have happened.


--- Roger Gouin <roger at islandnet.com> wrote:

> Maybe this will work.
> Take the Iomega driver out of the extensions folder
> and put it in the 
> same folder as the Iomega guest file. Restart. Hook
> up the Zip, turn 
> it on, put the disk in, then start Iomega guest and
> you should see it 
> on your desk.
> Roger
> At 2:39 PM -0800 11/3/05, Iman Bhullar wrote:
> >I have my thesis on a 2400c I've had for years. It
> has
> >no modem, no disk drive and no CD. There's no way
> to
> >get files on or off except through an external ZIP
> >drive. The zip drive isn't working anymore (just
> >happened today - why does it always happen when you
> >need the thing the most?!!). I'm not sure what's
> >wrong. I click on the "Iomega ZIP drive" icon and
> the
> >computer freezes up until I unplug the drive. After
> I
> >unplug the drive from the computer, it unfreezes
> gives
> >me an error "No Iomega drives available."
> >
> >The problem is that I have a 75 page thesis on the
> >computer that I've finished (well, almost) and I
> have
> >to get it off to my professor by tomorrow (it's
> >already a bit late). I'm thinking of just
> transcribing
> >the whole thing from the laptop to one of the
> >university computers, but that will take all day.
> >
> >Any suggestions? I was thinking about trying to
> >connect it to a printer, but I can't load the
> printer
> >drivers onto it (no way to get files on or off).
> The
> >only drivers it has are what it came with back in
> '97
> >or whatever. Also, I don't have the necessary
> cable.
> >All I have is one that connects the SCSI Zip to the
> >laptop.
> >
> >Any suggestions on how I can get the file off
> without
> >transcribing it? According to the help menu, it
> says I
> >can use my laptop as a SCSI drive - meaning I can
> >connect it to another computer's SCSI port and
> >transfer files - but the help menu is utterly
> >unhelpful in telling you how to go about doing
> this.
> >Any ideas?
> >
> >The laptop has an infared port. How does that work?
> Do
> >they still make laptops with those?
> >
> >I think I'm going to have to start transcribing.
> >
> >
> >
> >
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