[DuoList] How do I get a file off a 2400c w/ no disk or ZIP drives?

Iman Bhullar imansingh at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 5 17:27:35 PST 2005

The first thing I did was show the laptop to my
professor (we're good friends). He laughed when he saw
that there was no disk drive or modem. I actually
offered to give him the laptop for the weekend, but he
made the point that I would have to get the thesis off
there someday, so I might as well start transcribing.

The funny thing is that similar things have happened
with this professor before - zip drive not working,
campus computer eating the zip disk (not reading it
and not ejecting it), 6 hours of work lost when I
somehow didn't save and the campus computer
crashed(although I swear I was saving the whole time)
- and that was all for ONE PAPER!! For every one of
those problems I came running to his office to
explain/ask for more time/bring evidence of mechanical
failure/ swear I wasn't making it up. He's used to me
by now.


--- Moe <hugeu2fan at gmail.com> wrote:

> Here's a last ditch effort that's easier than
> transcribing the damn
> thing and cheaper than buying new parts:
> Give the professor your laptop and a/c adapter to
> use while reading
> the paper.  I'm sure he'd understand if you're that
> desperate to the
> point where you're actually giving him your computer
> due to transfer
> issues.  :-)
> -Morris
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