[DuoList] 280c 'boing' sound + question mark

Lela Tong artofbusiness_computer at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 8 01:01:24 PST 2005

Hi y'all,
I shut the machine down for the past few days.  
In listening for the spinning noise -- there is a slight initial whirl, but it's very very brief -- thus, no, the disk is not spinning normally.  The boing boing sound is still present -- but now, there's a new sound of a slight grinding noise.
Any advice?

"Ronald P. Pfister" <ronald.pfister at pelagic.net> wrote:
Maybe your disk's bearings froze - quite common with non-fdb disks 
after long storage periods. Can you hear the disk spinning up when 
the machine turns on?

On Nov 4, 2005, at 01:35, Lela Tong wrote:

> My 280c has been sitting in my closet for a few years.
> I turned it on to get some files which I left on it. Strangely, as 
> soon as I plugged in the power cord, the machine switched on 
> (without my pressing the 'on') and the floppy icon came up with a 
> question mark. And, the sound 'boing boing boing...' kept going.
> I tried to insert the Disk Tools and clicked Disk First Aid but no 
> volumes showed up except the external floppy drive. And, when I 
> tried to click the Apple HD SC Setup -- there was a flash of all 
> the buttons (allowing a click) but it all dimmed except "Quit" and 
> "Drive." When I clicked "Drive" the message "unable to locate a 
> suitable drive connected to SCSI port."
> Also, on a re-boot or to press the 'on' button after shutdown, no 
> icon appears but a lit blank screen comes up. The only way to get 
> the icon with the question mark is to completely unplug the 
> computer and to replug it.
> I fear the worse -- any helpful hints on how I can fix this?
> Lela

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