[DuoList] Itunes on a duo 2300

Gregg Eshelman g_alan_e at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 22 17:53:27 PDT 2007

--- Ben Woodard <benswoodard at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Also, my wife is a chaplain for Hospice and works in
> nursing homes. She takes a boom box and photos to
> the
> homes to let the patients hear some music and see
> some familiar scenes.

I picked up one of these for $10.99 + 6% tax.


That model is CE154MP but the identical unit I bought
has a model # of DMP8233.

Plays MP3 from CD-R or CD-RW discs and has a better
display than the expensive Sony D-NF610 I have.

The Sony has an AM/FM tuner I neve use and can also
play ATRAC encoded music, which needs Sony's Sonic
Stage software to compress/convert and burn discs-
so I don't do that either.

The Audiovox is cheap, rugged, simpler to use and
sounds every bit as good as the Sony.

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