[DuoList] OS X on 2400C?

Goodwin, Greg P. GoodwinG at aafes.com
Sun Aug 26 11:18:13 PDT 2007

XpostFacto if I remember correctly helps certain systems pass the
hardware check of the OS X install, and patch a few needed things
accordingly.  It might be that Xpostfacto does not cover the 2400.

Doc Clu

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I am attempting to install ox 10.0.3 on my little
Comet (180mhz/80 meg ram).  I do not have an external
CD-Rom.  I do have USB working on it and do have two
working PCMCIA slots.  What are my options here?  Disk
images are not seeming to work?  I do have Xpostfacto,
but it will not recognize....

Any help would be great.


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