[G4] Disks not mounting ????

Al Poulin alpoulin at cox.net
Fri May 9 08:42:38 PDT 2008


If you do not receive a solution in this list, be aware that there are  
other lists with a very good groups of people at lowendmac.com .  I  
suggest you post your problem to the g3-5 list which runs in google  
groups, but the original name of the list at the web site is "G- 
List."  Find it at:

I'm sure you already know that whatever partial success you have in  
recovery, do not write to those volumes until you know everything is  
in order and that you have perhaps made a backup copy on another  
drive.  Also, it would be useful for folks to know the version of  
TechTool Pro you used, and exactly what "cleaning" you were doing.  I   
hate to say this, but some experts recommend that we do not use  
recovery "tools" for defragmenting files and to use them only for  
known problems.  Using them for 'defragmenting' is overkill, since OS  
X does a pretty good job of this, at least on boot drives and  
volumes.  I'm not sure about external, non-boot drives.

Until you get some expert advice, you might want to check out a couple  
other utilities on the web, DiskWarrior:

and Data Rescue:

You can read more about these at the Macworld web site, also at:

which is one of the hits in a google search for "hard drive recovery  
macintosh."  If you use one of these tools, make sure you get a  
version that can work with your Tiger OS and your non-intel machine.

I hope this helps a little bit.
Al Poulin

On May 8, 2008, at 11:29 PM, Dan A. Currie wrote:
> Hello ALL,
> I was using TechTool Pro to do some serious cleaning on my MDD DUAL  
> 1.25 MHz / 2 GB RAM / 120  & 200 GB HD / OS X.4.11 and when I  
> restarted two partitions from one of my hard drives were no longer  
> on my desktop. I tried TTP again and they did not show up there, I  
> checked my About This Mac and they are listed but not mounted. I  
> then used Mac Disk Utility to Verify Disk it said they had to be  
> repaired but when I clicked Repair Disk it said they could not be  
> repaired. One stores all my music and the other all my document.
> I went to System profiler and somehow the Mount Point for the two  
> partitions have been lost.
> I know the names are /Volumes/DOCUMENTS and the other is /Volumes/ 
> Now where and how do I tell my computer to mount them.
> Thanks,
> Dan
> WDC WD2000BB-00FTA0:

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