[G4] greypixelitus

Umar Stone umartisan at mac.com
Wed Apr 22 08:32:15 PDT 2009

G'day Mac people, I want my G4 to be cool,
I had some bad problems earlier in the year but I just fixed my Master-HD by erasing everything and reinstalling OSX, but I lost all the programs and files nothing else would work, I have an SATA though that has most of the original data but it won't give me access, I tried to boot up with Disk Warrior on it but as soon as it went to the disk the SCREEN TURNED GREY and all PIXELATED I could hardly read a thing on it for access to the choices, this same thing happens with startup from the SATA, and also when I started up with the apple OSX disk reinstalling OSX10.4 on the Master
The erasing all the stuff and redoing it on the Master fixed it for that originally, but the SATA has too much on it to wipe I'd loose so much 
Hi can anyone help me to save my stuff

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