[P1] bomb in menu bar and thank you

Small Moose Ltd small_moose_ltd at mac.com
Sat Apr 5 16:29:33 PST 2003

On 6/4/03 3:13 am, "Collin Moore" <INDIGO9901 at msn.com> wrote:

> is it possible to add a light sheet under the keyboard so it becomes
> backlit??

I'm not sure about this one. Are you referring to something similar seen in
the new 17" powerbooks with the ambient backlighting? I suppose if
powerbooks have it, then mods may become available soon for other machines,
unless there's some special electronic-ery wizardry behind it.

Otherwise your best bet is a Kensington flylight. These are little lights on
a flex metal wire that is connected to the iBooks USB port and costs about
$25. It requires about 90 seconds per hour of battery juice to run. Not
quite as fancy as your ambient backlight, but it does the same job of
illuminating your keyboard for you.

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