[P1] clicking sound on iBook

Ron Reames rreames at cableone.net
Tue Apr 15 05:31:33 PDT 2003

Well I've just spent about an hour with Apple's tech support and made 
some real progress. When the help person realized all the things I've 
tried, he bumped my case up to a higher level techie.
To make a long story shot, we've eliminated problems with 10.2.5, my 
hard drive, my third party RAM.
We got the noise to go away by booting into Safe Mode.

What this means, is that some application is causing the problem and 
I've got to start sleuthing there.
One suspect is Xsounds, a haxie by Unsanity. I'm going to contact them 
and see if anyone else is reporting the problem, then take it off my 
system and see if the clicking goes away.


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