[P1] clicking sound on iBook

Gary D. Adams gdadams1 at cox.net
Tue Apr 15 18:01:50 PDT 2003

Yay, Ron! Good for you! Persistence has paid off. Do you happen to have 
MS Office on the machine? I suspect in my paranoid mind that something 
there is secretly attacking my machine.


Ron Reames wrote:
> Well I've just spent about an hour with Apple's tech support and made 
> some real progress. When the help person realized all the things I've 
> tried, he bumped my case up to a higher level techie.
> To make a long story shot, we've eliminated problems with 10.2.5, my 
> hard drive, my third party RAM.
> We got the noise to go away by booting into Safe Mode.
> What this means, is that some application is causing the problem and 
> I've got to start sleuthing there.
> One suspect is Xsounds, a haxie by Unsanity. I'm going to contact them 
> and see if anyone else is reporting the problem, then take it off my 
> system and see if the clicking goes away.
> Ron

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