[P1] clicking sound on iBook

Dave Meilstrup dave at blackrockmac.com
Wed Apr 16 09:03:45 PDT 2003

I am having same thing begin to happen since I installed 10.2.5: After 
installing 10.2.5 an irregular clicking sound began to happen every .5 
second or so when on battery (power disconnected). The sound goes away 
immediately when power is connected. It returns a few seconds after 
power is disconnected. It seems to be a disk access but the sound is 
different than normal disk accesses  (more like a pop than a click :-).

I do not have MS Office or XSounds on my machine. The problem does go 
away in safe boot mode. It would be safe to say that this is a conflict 
between 10.2.5 and some process that does not run under safe boot. 
Without a Conflict Catcher type utility for OS X, this will not be easy 
to isolate.


On Tuesday, April 15, 2003, at 07:01  PM, Gary D. Adams wrote:

> Yay, Ron! Good for you! Persistence has paid off. Do you happen to 
> have MS Office on the machine? I suspect in my paranoid mind that 
> something there is secretly attacking my machine.
> Gary
> Ron Reames wrote:
>> Well I've just spent about an hour with Apple's tech support and made 
>> some real progress. When the help person realized all the things I've 
>> tried, he bumped my case up to a higher level techie.
>> To make a long story shot, we've eliminated problems with 10.2.5, my 
>> hard drive, my third party RAM.
>> We got the noise to go away by booting into Safe Mode.
>> What this means, is that some application is causing the problem and 
>> I've got to start sleuthing there.
>> One suspect is Xsounds, a haxie by Unsanity. I'm going to contact 
>> them and see if anyone else is reporting the problem, then take it 
>> off my system and see if the clicking goes away.
>> Ron

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