[P1] 512 MB SODIMM low profile

Myers, Curt CMyers at winston.com
Thu Apr 24 08:33:28 PDT 2003

Not sure what that all means, but I recently installed one and it works great.  It happened to be the most expensive one as well.

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(iBook clamshell)

BTW does it especially have to be low profile b/c I see also SO DIMM w/o 
the 'low profile' add-on being sold, are they the same?

For example:

from interngeheugen.com:

Kingston 512MB PC133 CL3 SODIMM EUR 160,00
Dane-Elec 512 MB SODIMM PC133 EUR 124,00

but also:

Kingston 512MB PC133 CL3 Low Profile SODIMM EUR 160,00

from alternate.nl:

Infenion SO-DIMM 512 MB (Low Profile) EUR 169,00



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